3 Reasons Winter is Still a Good Time to Buy a Home in D.C.


Contrary to Popular Belief, There Are Many Perks to Purchasing a Property During the Colder Months

It may be the chilliest time of year, but that misery will fade once you’re sitting in the golden glow of the fireplace from the warmth of your cozy new home. There are quite a few perks to buying a house in the winter. Not only will professional movers have a more open and flexible schedule outside of the busy summer months, but you will also be able to close on your home much faster with shorter wait times during the holiday season. You may even get to enjoy an extra month or two of potential tax deductions for the year. And that’s just to start. Here are the top reasons why this icy season is the perfect time to buy your future home in Washington, D.C. 

Fewer People Looking

For starters, the spotlight is all yours. With summer and spring being the most popular seasons to both sell and buy homes, there will be less competition on your end. There will also be less all-cash buyers with high offers. With fewer people overwhelming the realtor, homeowner, or landlord, you will have the sweet, sweet ability to be more selective in when you view homes and which home you purchase.

There Are Better Deals 

With fewer people looking, this can sometimes put sellers in a panic. While some put their homes for sale in the winter by choice, many of those who put their homes on the market do so because they need to move quickly. With that being said, it’s not uncommon for sellers to be willing to cut you a deal, negotiate on prices, and work with what you have. Use the upper hand wisely. Pay close attention to online posts and homes that have been lingering on the market; don’t lowball or make unreasonable asks, but approach the situation like a business person.

See the True Colors

The season doesn’t lie—in winter, you’ll have front row seats to what your home will really be like outside the glamour of summer. Colder seasons typically put more stress on homes. If you are searching during the end of the year, you’ll be able to properly ask questions or evaluate problem areas you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see for yourself. Is insulation weak? Is there a bad draft...or three? Are there ice dams? Speaking of ice…how is the driveway looking after a light or heavy snow? It’s for you to find out. 

Starting Fresh in Washington, D.C.?

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