4 Most Popular Home Technologies in 2020


Whether You Live in the Dc Metro Area or Are Looking to Make the Move, We’ve Put Together Some of the Best in-home Technology to Enhance Your Home

With the turn of the decade, 2020 boasts some of the most impressive and advanced home technology. The latest technology is sure to bring even more ease and convenience into your life as you navigate your busy schedule. Here are five of the most popular home technologies in 2020. 


Nest by Google has gained significant popularity for its multi-functionality. Nest has created thermostats, cameras, doorbells, alarm systems, locks, and even smoke and CO alarms. With their wide variety of smart products, Nest seeks to create a cohesive and harmonious smart home that can be easily controlled through your smartphone. The Nest Learning Thermostat, with its energy-saving features, is among one of their most popular products on the market. Not only does this technology connect easily to your smartphone, it learns what temperatures you like and turns itself down when you are not home so that you won’t have to worry about wasting energy heating or cooling an unoccupied house. 

Smart Refrigerator 

Smart refrigerators, also known as Internet refrigerators, give you the ability to see what’s inside through a camera (an extremely handy feature while grocery shopping), alert you if the refrigerator’s door is left open, and offer more flexible cooling options, among other impressive features. The Samsung Smart Refrigerator is one of the most sought-after on the market, allowing homeowners to shop for food, utilize the calendar, and even see who is at the door all through its spacious 21-inch touchscreen display. 

Unlocking Door 

Traditional deadbolts are quickly being replaced by smart locks—and for good reason. In addition to being extremely useful, the majority of smart locks allow you to get alerts and keep track of whoever is coming to your doorstep. They also have digital access virtual keys to allow friends or family to come inside when you are not home to do so. Some of the most reputable smart locks include Nest x Yale or Assure Lock SL

Robot Vacuum Cleaners 

Cleaning the floors and vacuuming is easier than ever before with the invention of robot vacuum cleaners. Not only do robot vacuum cleaners reduce your cleaning time and give you more time to focus on activities you enjoy, but they are also well-loved for their compact size and versatility. They clean carpet, laminate, or hardwood floors. If you’re interested in investing in a robot vacuum cleaner, check out iRobot Roomba or Neato robotics.
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