4 Things to Consider Before Buying a D.C. Home


Whether a First-time Purchase or the Next Step in Your Homebuying Journey, Consider These Four Things Before Investing in a D.c. Home

The homebuying process is equal parts exhilarating and exhausting, rewarding and anxiety-inducing. While it proves more true for first-time purchasers, there are ups and downs for even the most seasoned homebuyers.

A dynamic real estate market like Washington, D.C., can heighten the excitement and apprehension. However, with a few deep breaths and these four things to consider, you’ll quickly find your perfect piece of D.C. real estate.

  1. Know Where You Want to Go

    Washington, D.C., offers a wealth of choices when it comes to livable communities and neighborhoods. From the old-world charm of Alexandria to the political power district of Capitol Hill to the vibrancy of the U Street Corridor, whatever your lifestyle, there is an area in D.C. to call your own.

    Do your research on which locales offer the amenities you want most. Think about not only the housing you seek but schools, shopping, entertainment, and leisurely pursuits. You might love the action of D.C. during the workday but long for a suburban escape in the evening and on weekends. Because where you live matters to your overall well-being, figure out the areas that suit you best and focus your search there.

  2. Recognize What You Can and Can’t Live Without

    Rarely do we get absolutely everything we want in a home. That charming row house in Georgetown might be one bathroom short. Or the renovated estate in Bethesda possesses a bit more acreage than you’re willing to take on.

    Make a list of your absolutes and your compromises, and then determine a budget to work within. You want to leave yourself a little room to negotiate for a deal or compete for that perfect purchase. Identifying what’s important and what’s less so — and what you’re willing to pay for each — simplifies the search process, making it easier to find your ideal home.

  3. Be Patient, but Be Ready to Act

    With hypercompetitive markets like D.C. and nearby Arlington and Alexandria, it can be tempting to snatch up the first opportunity that presents itself. That’s fine if it fulfills everything on your wishlist and is within your budget. But if it’s not the one, you don’t want to make an emotionally charged decision. And you certainly don’t want buyer’s remorse before the ink dries on your closing docs.

    Form a plan and research what good and bad transactions look like in your preferred locations. Don’t get frustrated if you miss a few opportunities or find ideal homes few-and-far-between. The right deal will come along, and the better prepared you are, the more ready you’ll be to close it.

  4. Find Someone to Help You Sweat the Details

    The D.C. market is hot, and the real estate is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Each prospective property and what it takes to make a deal is as varied as the neighborhoods, communities, and cities that make up the D.C. metro real estate market. Of course, the internet has allowed us to handle some of the home search specifics ourselves — but not all of them.

    Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent gives you a considerable advantage, particularly in popular markets like D.C. From in-depth local knowledge to staying a step ahead on market shifts and availability to advocating on your behalf in negotiations, a devoted and enthusiastic agent can be the difference between just buying a house and genuinely investing in a home.
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