The 5 Amenities Homebuyers Want Most in a Kitchen


For Homebuyers, No Room Is More Vital or Its Amenities as Critical to Their Purchase Than That of the Kitchen

Once a tucked-away, four-walled closet, the kitchen has evolved into a vibrant space. As social gathering spots for both family and friends, kitchens are indeed the heart of practically every home. It’s not only a spot to prepare meals—it’s a place to create memories.

With the central role the kitchen now plays in the modern house, it comes as no surprise that homebuyers place considerable importance on this one room and its components.

But what are the must-haves and absolutes for homebuyers when looking for that perfect kitchen? Here are five of the most desirable amenities they seek.

  1. An Efficient Design

    A kitchen doesn’t need to be massive to be magnificent. Open concepts and acres of counter space are certainly nice, but buyers want a kitchen that is equal parts fabulous and functional. Big or small, ample work surfaces, plenty of storage, and great seating areas are the hallmarks of a well-designed kitchen. And yes, the work triangle still matters.

  2. Smart (and smart-looking) appliances

    Refrigerators that help create the grocery list, make coffee, or take a holiday when you do

    Ranges, ovens, and microwaves that are friendly with food apps

    Dishwashers that advise you when they’re feeling a little leaky

    All of these futuristic options are available today, and the houses that have connected future tech are the ones buyers will favor. But they also refuse to sacrifice style to get their technology of choice, which means those fancy “smarts” need to come with a lot of flair.

  3. Plenty of clever storage

    Storage design in modern kitchens is less about hiding your tools and gadgets and more focused on keeping them in convenient, easy-to-reach spots. Buyers prefer deep drawers for pot storage, open shelving or glass-front cabinets, full-extension sliding shelves, and purposeful touches that maximize space, such as a Lazy Susan built into a corner cabinet.

    Alcoves that separate regular tasks from a kitchen’s main traffic areas, such as coffee or drink bars, are also appreciated. Walk-in pantries are also high on shoppers’ wish lists, especially those that have plenty of storage space for microwaves and small appliances.

  4. Abundant lighting

    There are plenty of fun things you can do in the dark, but cooking isn’t one of them. Food is just as much a visual experience as it is one of taste, touch, and smell. Whether it’s dramatic skylights, showstopping pendants, or an illuminating glow from under the cabinets — or maybe even all three — homebuyers love a well-lit kitchen.

  5. High-end touches

    Homebuyers want to get a lot for their money, regardless of whether they’re buying a $200,000 house or one that costs $2 million. With the former, granite countertops, a coordinating backsplash, and under-cabinet lighting will convince a buyer they’ve hit the kitchen jackpot.

    At higher price points, splurge features (such as double ovens, beverage drawers, above-range pot fillers, prep sinks, or built-in refrigerators) are the rule—not the exception. 
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